Technology Write for Us

Technology Write for Us

Since this is a shared space for expression, I always welcome fresh voices.

We’ve laid out some rules here:

Typically, guest essays are limited to 800 words.

Provide solid, understandable evidence in support of your claim.

Shorten your sentences and get to the point; no one likes a boring opening.

Don’t forget to use a catchy headline.

Don’t forget to include a bio for the author, explaining their qualifications to comment on the subject.

Please tell us who you work for and how you are connected to the author if you are not the author yourself.

Add visual aids such as photos, video, or charts.

How can I start writing for?

Here are some pointers that will increase your chances of having your articles published and hence increase your chances of being a regular contributor:

In order to get a feel for the types of content we share, please visit the homepage and browse through the first few pages.

To attract and retain readers, your writing should be focused purely on quality and usefulness like business write for us.

I welcome submissions from the following broad subject areas. Take a look around and see what kinds of content we have:

How to blog, what tools to use, and how to promote your blog.

WordPress add-ons and skins (with tutorials on how to use them).

Promotion using social media sites, web-based methods, and inbound strategies.

Instructional pieces

Resources for search engine optimization, including software and examples of their use.

The High-Tech, Modern World

Tech, gadgets, and the latest news. Topics covered include: Health, Fitness, and Travel as part of a Comprehensive Lifestyle Approach.

Create a fantastic plan: –

Write a post that displays your expertise and knowledge in the field.

Rely on your knowledge to make sense of a current incident or development in the news.

Provide an answer to a widespread problem or worry.

Tell a story from your own life that you think a lot of other people will find interesting.

What to Do and What Not to Do


Just try to think of something new. Avoid simply rewriting content from elsewhere on the web. For your submitted blog to be read and appreciated, you should include some genuinely fascinating anecdotes.

Be sure to include your own thoughts. Write on what you know and have some of your own voice in what you write. Knowledgeable evidence should be displayed all through the article.

Your submissions should be between 1,000 and 2,000 words in length.

Don’t steal other people’s pictures without giving them proper credit. Wherever possible, images should have a width of 800px.

Incorporate references into your paper and back up your claims with evidence from credible sources.

Don’t make up numbers or add info that fits your purposes, please.


Plagiarize. Do not submit a piece that has been published elsewhere online or is a rewrite of another person’s work without their permission.

Don’t bother your readers with meaningless content. Each of your articles ought to serve a purpose.

Copy and paste articles with poor language and sentence organisation. Bad sentence structure and language just add to the difficulty of learning new technology. Before submitting your work, please check it for spelling and grammar errors, or have someone with excellent writing skills edit it for you.

Make use of visuals without worrying about copyright or providing credit. Plagiarism of any kind is strongly condemned; please give proper credit where credit is due.

Please use the contact information or channels provided below if you meet our criteria.

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